DCSD Raise and Contract Issues

                                                                                                  The DCSD Board of Education met on Tuesday, June 25th and                                                                                                                   approved the budget for FY 2020 (the 2019-2020 school year).  The                                                                                                       budget includes the full $3000 raise for teachers.  It includes a cost                                                                                                       of living increase for other employees and all employees will receive                                                                                                     a step if they are eligible for a step increase.  These raises will be                                                                                                           reflected 
                                                                                                   in the September 15, 2019 paycheck.  The board also approved the                                                                                                       retroactive increases for Classified staff that completes 
                                                                                                    Some members have asked about the signed contracts that were                                                                                                          emailed to certified staff last week.  These are the employee copy of                                                                                                      the contract for next year.  Employees signed the contracts in March                                                                                                      and the Superintendent's signature has now been added to reflect                                                                                                        the fact that the Board has approved the contracts.  Employees DO                                                                                                        NOT need to re-sign the contract.  

I hope that everyone has enjoyed their summer with lots of rest and relaxation  Members of ODE were in Houston, Texas representing ODE and GAE at the National Education Association Representative Assembly. Delegates spent five days debating issues and concerns of educators around the country.  Ten of the Democratic Presidential candidates participated in a forum.  You can view the video of the forum by  clicking here.  Delegates also heard from National Teacher of the year, Rodney Robinson, and ESP of the Year, Matthew Powell.  You can view videos of their speeches at this link.
We're looking forward to everyone returning refreshed and enthused about a great school year.  Enjoy your last few days of rest and relaxation so you may greet your new students and prepare to have a wonderful back to school season. 

ODE Issues and Information Sessions

All members are invited to attend our back-to-school Issues and Information sessions.  Updates concerning the TSA lawsuit, TKES, and proposed changes to TRS being considered by the legislature will be presented.  Plans for the coming year, as well as, materials for members will be provided.  Members should choose one of the three sessions to attend.
Who:  ODE Members interested in learning more
What:  ODE Issues and Information Sessions
When:  Monday, July 22; Tuesday, July 23; Wednesday, July 24 Registration at 8:30 am, Sessions begin at 9:00 am
Where: ODE Meeting Room, 100 Crescent Centre Pkwy, Suite 290, Tucker, Ga 30084
For more information, please contact Lisa at 770.313.3625 or lamorgan7@gmail.com